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KSA120-500L Hollow Blow Molding Machine Time:2019-06-05 17:19
KSA120-500L blow molding machine technical features
Hollow blow molding machine PLC plus man - machine interface, touch operation.Fault alarm self-diagnosis, clear at a glance.
Center feed die, eliminate the confluence line completely, and change the material and color quickly.
Moving mode adopts double linear guide and center clamping mode.Uniform force, ensure that the products cut flat.
Hydraulic system adopts proportional hydraulic control, equipped with imported hydraulic components, accurate and stable action, energy saving.
Ksa120-500l hollow blow molding machine adopts high speed, high efficiency and low energy consumption plasticizing system, the mixing is even and excellent, to ensure the purity of products.
Large Blow Molding Machine
Technical parameters of KSA120-500L hollow blow moulding machine UNIT KSA120-500
Maximum product volume L 500
Empty circulation PCS/H 200
Screw diameter MM 120
Screw Length-Diameter Ratio of Blow Molding Machine L/D 30
Screw motor power KW 110
Screw heating power KW 39
Number of screw heating sections ZONE 6
Extrusion volume of HDPE KG/H 380
Oil pump motor power KW 45
Clamping force KN 1500
Mould opening and closing stroke MM 600-1500
Template size W x H(MM) 1450x 1800
Maximum Die Diameter of Hollow Blow Molding Machine MM 600
Storage capacity L 30
Die Heating Power KW 39
Number of heating sections ZONE 6
Blowing pressure MPA 1
Gas Consumption in Bottle Blower M3/MIN 1.8
Cooling water pressure MPA 0.3
Water consumption L/MIN 250
Machine outline size L x W x H(M) 9.1x 4.2x 6.3
Machine weight TON 40

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