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Characteristic of the barrel blown out by blow moulding machinery Time:2019-08-19 10:05
Everyone will see that bucket when drinking water. The bucket is made of plastic. It is blown out by a hollow blow moulding machine. The PC material 5 gallon pure water bucket special machine. The die is a special storage cylinder die for PC material. It adopts German technology completely, and its performance is superior to that of Taiwan-like die made by other domestic manufacturers.
The transparency and uniformity of the water bucket produced by the blow moulding machine are almost perfect. This machine is fully automatic production, high energy saving, low noise, fast speed, high efficiency, safe and reliable, is the only choice for PC bucket production. This machine can also be widely used in chemical industry, petroleum, medicine, daily chemical industry, food, lighting, tools, automobiles, motorcycles, shoes, toys and other fields, used to blow plastic barrels, chemical barrels, automotive accessories (water tanks, fuel tanks, air conditioning outlet pipes, automotive tail wings). Installation, debugging, training, perfect quality assurance, full service, so that you can buy and use two assurances. PLC computer + human-machine touch screen mode. The imported Mitsubishi PLC programmable controller has the function of parameter storage and mobilization, quick response, accurate positioning and high stability in operation. The operation panel uses the touch screen of WEINTEK Chinese human-machine interface imported from Taiwan. All actions are visualized, such as parameter setting, monitoring, product counting, etc.
The self-judgment of equipment failure of Zhangjiagang blow moulding machine shows that the operation is simple. Hydraulic system: All imported KOMPASS hydraulic valves, seals, electro-hydraulic proportional control. It has the characteristics of stability, reliability, accurate movement, long service life and fast response. Other imported hydraulic systems are optional.

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