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KSC70D-5LII/1 Oil can machine bottle blowing machine Time:2019-06-06 09:27

KSC70D-5LII /1 machine bottle blowing machine is designed for special hollow bottle blowing products with small volume.The machine can be equipped with two die heads, three die heads or four die heads to produce products with small volume and large quantity.With stable performance, durable components, and a cycle time of up to 4.6 seconds, the automatic process is very fast, which improves the efficiency and makes it more convenient and safe for production and operation.Special steel is used in the die. The system of die head adopts central feeding to ensure the natural fusion of the product.Control system enview human-machine interface controller, mitsubishi programmable controller imported from Japan, Omron relay, bottle blowing machine using Taiwan PID temperature controller components and hydraulic imported parts to ensure the stability of the machine, advanced and simple operation and control


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